About Asbestos Removal

We have all the important information you need to know about asbestos, in these pages.

Why Removing Asbestos Is Important

Removing asbestos from exterior/interior walls and cladding is very important. One of the major problems with asbestos products is when it gets to a stage of decomposition due to time and weathering it starts to release fibers into the atmosphere and if we are within range we start to breather those fibers in.

Asbestos site evaluations are an important step in the process of determining the stage of where the danger maybe lurking.

Asbestos Brisbane and BBM Contracts are your one stop licensed asbestos removal specialists, we assist you in -
  • Evaluating your site property to establish what is suspect with containing asbestos.
  • Give you the details of 3 or 4 independent asbestos testing laboratories, so you can have the products independently tested.
  • If work is required we supply a free no obligation quotation including removal and rebuild if required.
  • On acceptance liaise with you on time frame and completion of job.
  • Clean work site so it looks like we were never there.

Don't be fooled into thinking that the unseen asbestos product is not harmful to you and your family or work collogues as independent studies have shown that exposure to asbestos fibers can be deadly. If you are unsure if your place has any asbestos products then call us, better being safe than sorry.

We are dedicated to making your experience with removal of asbestos or demolition hassle free!

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